Hydrogen: Hype or real business opportunities?

Conference invitation
Luxembourg AutoMobility Cluster

High levels of pollution and the threat of drastic climate change have created strong pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen can offer solutions in fields ranging from transport to energy storage, but is it really a technically and economically viable alternative to fossil fuel?

This conference will be an opportunity to listen to experts from universities, research centres and automotive companies who will unveil ways of using hydrogen that could result in new business opportunities. They will explore the technical challenges and solutions of H2/FCH deployment from the perspective of the whole ecosystem – production and distribution, mobility applications, industrial and energy use, and residential CHP.

The programme will include technical conferences as well as an exhibition and demos from the following companies / institutions:

  • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) (Luxembourg): New materials as key enabling technologies for fuel cells and water splitting
  • MOVE2 – ANLEG Technologies (Luxembourg): H2TEC – Fuel cell technology applied to lightweight mobility
  • Toyota (Luxembourg): Hydrogen-powered Mirai pioneering mobility Without Emissions
  • SHELL (France): Deployment of H2 Fleets – Heavy duty & light duty vehicles
  • FC Lab – H2SYS (France): Fuel cell research activities & related business opportunities – Portable H2 power station
  • WaterstofNet (Belgium): H2 European projects – H2Benelux & Hydrogen Mobility Europe
  • HINICIO (Belgium): Leading European competence centre on hydrogen and fuel cells
  • University of Birmingham (UK): Integration of high temperature fuel cells on commercial vehicles running on methane fuel
  • TU Delft (Netherlands): Car as a Power Plant – Integration of hydrogen-based fuel cell vehicles in the grid
  • IZES (Germany): Generating energy secure communities through smart renewable H2

The full agenda can be seen on the event website.

Targeting the Greater Region and beyond, this event is organised by the Luxembourg AutoMobility Cluster in collaboration with Autoregion and Campus Francorchamps.

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